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Japan Earthquake: A Horizon Special

Professor Iain Stewart examines the powerful geological forces that unleashed the devastating Japanese earthquake and explores how the release of this power of the planet brought Japan to the brink of a nuclear meltdown.He follows moment by moment how the earthquake was generated under the Pacific Ocean travelled to the Japanese mainland and the rare conditions that unleashed a tsunami.He also reveals the latest science behind earthquakes - from why we cant predict them to what causes some of them to reach such power.Iain shows why our civilisation has developed such a dangerous relationship with earthquakes and why millions of us continue to live in earthquake zones across the world.

Movie Genres: Asia, Geography, Nature, Science-Technology, Society
Movie Released: 27 Mar, 2011
Video Length: 57 min
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Website Rating: 0.00/5
IMDB Rating: Unavailable

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Japan's Tsunami How It Happened

exploring the scientific factors behind the magnitude 9 earthquake and the resultant tsunami that struck Japan on March 11. Professor of geological sciences Roger Bilham views the effects of the devastation from the air, and journalist Callum Macrae travels to the north of the country, where survivors in the fishing villages Sendai and Ofunato are struggling to cope in the aftermath.

Movie Genres: Asia, Foreign, Geography, Nature, Science-Technology
Movie Released: 24 Mar, 2011
Video Length: Unknown

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Watch National Geographic Wild: Sex Drugs and Plants

National Geographic Wild: Sex Drugs and Plants: Sex, Drugs and Plants gives an insight into the fascinating world of plants. By feeling, hearing, smelling and tasting, these plants continue their journey through the undergrowth, in a bid for survival. Scientists and experts reveal the skills and tricks that plants use to survive, with predatory plants using every trick in the book to entice a meal, including sniffing out their prey. Exploring the defences plants employ to save themselves from harm, featuring the amazing acacia, which commands an ant army to fend off unwanted visitors. Experts also investigate how human intervention affects the plants, including a fascinating look at how technological advances could change the future of farming. From commanding ant armies to defend them or sniffing out their prey, plants use all the skills and tricks at their disposal to survive

Movie Genres: Geography, Society
Movie Released: 31 Mar, 2011
Video Length: 50 min

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