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Japan's Tsunami How It Happened

exploring the scientific factors behind the magnitude 9 earthquake and the resultant tsunami that struck Japan on March 11. Professor of geological sciences Roger Bilham views the effects of the devastation from the air, and journalist Callum Macrae travels to the north of the country, where survivors in the fishing villages Sendai and Ofunato are struggling to cope in the aftermath.

Movie Genres: Asia, Foreign, Geography, Nature, Science-Technology
Movie Released: 24 Mar, 2011
Video Length: Unknown

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Watch National Geographic - Eating with Cannibals

Last Expedition Week, author and explorer Piers Gibbon headed deep into the Amazon jungle to locate tribes that practiced headshrinking. In his newest adventure, Gibbon looks at one of mankinds ultimate taboos: cannibalism. He'll trek into the rain forest of Papua New Guinea to find tribe members who ate human flesh. Gibbon meets with members of the once-feared Biami tribe and witnesses their ritual techniques.

Movie Genres: Art-Culture, Foreign
Movie Released: 4 Apr, 2011
Video Length: Unknown

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